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   Although Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe, not many people speak other language except Russian. People study foreign languages at school and university, but they hardly use it in everyday life. Surprisingly, it is really difficult to find any information (for example, bus schedule or signs or city map) in English or any other language in Minsk, not talking about other Belarusian towns. Even people working in different services (for example, at the railway station or a bank or a shop) do not tend to speak foreign language.

   But don’t worry! You will feel at home, if you are accompanied by our interpreter/guide.

  All our professionals are nice-looking, smart and well-educated. They can accompany you to any place you like, helping and explaining phenomena of Belarusian reality. If you like, they can also work as guide for you and provide you with all information you need.

   If you need an interpreter or guide while you're in Belarus, we are ready to help you!

  Note! If you would like our guide to meet you upon arrival to Belarus, we will be happy to provide you with our Guide on Transfer service. If you feel comfortable with just a driver, then a simple transfer should be enough.

   Prices for translation services begin from 15 euro and higher.

  For guide service the price is flexible and can be discussed. Please, feel free to contact us for further information.



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