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 “DITRIB”  more than 20 years of experience & excellence

   “DITRIB” more than 20 years of experience & excellence“DITRIB” is a Destination Management Company specializing in Incoming tourism, MICE and Special tours to Belarus matching clients’ personal interests at competitive rates such as ethnic tours, tours for arts and history lovers, ecological tours, tours for nature admirers, sports tours, sightseeing tours, holiday and entertainment tours and many more….We also organize medical treatment in best Spa  resorts   of Belarus as well as visits to Belarusian farmsteads. The list of our   services  for  individuals and groups is also impressive- we provide the complete  range of tourist services a traveler might need before & when in Belarus.

   Be always fair, respectful, accurate,   progressive   &   effective   to our customers and partners - is the motto    of    “DITRIB”!  



29-11    Ulyanovskaya  Str.,

Minsk,220006 Belarus

Tel/ fax: +375 17 222 70 70

mobile:  + 375 29 651 34 49

Skype: kristyascha

E-mail: ditrib.in@gmail.com

www.123belarus.com / www.ditrib.by / www.sanatoriy.by / www.surf.by 



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