"Kronon Park hotel"

The hotel "Kronon Park" is  situated at a 3 km distance from the centre of Grodno.  A two-floor building is decorated with elegant forged french balconies and stucco work with the hotel's coat of arms and is surrounded by a picturesque park with numerous pedestrian paths. The hotel is delightfully furnished, unique design in classic style.

There is an elegant restaurant where visitors and residents of Grodno alike can try many popular dishes of Italian, French and Belarusian cuisine as well as some  restaurant specialties skillfully cooked by the chef (who is a member of the Russian Guild of Chefs). Our confectioner can offer you a great variety of delicious desserts made only from organic ingredients. Live music plays in the restaurant every evening. 
There is also a charming lobby-bar in the hotel, where one can pop in for a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a snack and snuggle up near the fireplace.



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