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What documents do you need to enter Belarus?
    You need to have a valid passport and Belarusian visa stamped into your passport.

 Where can you get Belarusian visa?
    1) In advance at the Belarusian Embassy or Consulate in your country (you can find the list of addresses here Embassy Locations);
    2) On arrival at the Consular Point of the International airport Minsk if you arrive by plane (by request, not for all passports).
 Note!!! There is no possibility to get a Belarusian entry visa on the border (except for the National airport Minsk).

 What kinds of visas exist?
    There are many kinds of visas, but the most popular are: tourist, guest and business.
   1) The easiest one to get is a tourist visa which will allow you to stay in Belarus up to 30 days. Tourist visa can be single or double or multiple entry.
Note!!! The length of the tourist visa is 30 days maximum (no matter how many entries).
   2) Guest visa can be short-term or long-term (90 days within a year). In this case you should have a relative or a friend who has Belarusian citizenship and who will send you an invitation.
Note!!! The request for this type of visa is processed for at least calendar 30 days.
   3) Belarus Business Visa (valid up to 90 days) can be granted if you are able to submit a written request by a Belarusian company that you are doing business with.

What documents do you need to get a tourist visa at the embassy?
    There are 2 main documents (visa support documents) that you should get from a travel agency:
    1) Contract - a document that contains information about the type of service provided, terms of stay in Belarus, and the price of the tour.
    2) Invitation - a document that contains the name of the tourist company, its legal address, and also your name and your passport data. Invitation is written in Russian.
    Note!!! Most (but not all) Belarusian embassies accept faxed copies of these documents.
    Some other things you need:
    3) Filled out application form (you can find it here Visa Application Forms)
    4) 2 photos (passport size)
    Note!!! If you apply for a visa at the Embassy, all procedures will last about 5-7 days.
    However, you can apply for express visa – you will get it within 2 days (it is more expensive).

 How to get a visa at the airport?
    This way of getting visa is very convenient for those who don't have belarusian embassy in their countries.
    There is a Consular Point at the airport Minsk where they grant visas before passport control. In this case you need the ORIGINAL voucher and invitation to be delivered to the Consular Point by a travel company's representative one and a half hour before your plane landing.
    After your plane lands, the airport officer will show you the way to the Consular point, where you will fill in visa application form, pay visa fee and get visa stamped into your passport.
    Note!!!  You will need 1 passport size photo to attach to the visa application form.

 What is tourist invitation and contract?
    Contract is a document that contains services booked from a travel company. Invitation for tourist visa can only be issued by the companies that are registered in Belarus as the travel and tourist companies. The invitation is to be written on letterhead paper and should contain name, personal and passport details as well as purpose and duration of visit. The invitation is to be signed and bear official seal of the inviting organization.
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