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«Aqua-Minsk» Hotel **Book a Room!

"Aqua-Minsk" is a cozy two-star hotel on the shore of "Drozdy" lake in close proximity to the "Lebyazhy" waterpark. The daily rate for accommodation includes visiting Pride Fitness House gym and the waterpark. A spacious parking lot and Wi-Fi in the central hall of the hotel are for guests' convenience.

Adress: 118 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Starting at EUR: /night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Renaissance Minsk Hotel" ****Book a Room!

Discover Minsk while enjoying the luxuries of brand-new Renaissance Minsk Hotel offering 267 guest rooms, including 30 elegant suites.

Adress: 1 E, Dzerzhinsky Ave., Minsk, 220036

Starting at EUR: 176/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Tourist" hotel ***Book a Room!

Hotel "Tourist" is located in the south-eastern part of Minsk, close to the metro station "Partizanskaya". In the neighbourhood you will find major department store "Belarus", shopping center "Underground city", an old cinema theatre "Komsomolec". The hotel "Tourist" was built in 1972.

Adress: 81, Partizansky avenue, Minsk, Belarus

Starting at EUR: 44/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Belarus" hotel ***Book a Room!

"Belarus" hotel is situated in the historical center of Minsk. It is overlooking beautiful Svisloch river, The Cathedral, The Island of Tears, Trinity suburb, the obelisk “Hero city”.There  are the Palace of sports, entertainment complex "Millennium", "Moscow" cinema not far from the hotel.

Adress: 15, Storozhevskaya str., Minsk, 220366

Starting at EUR: 56/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Orbita" hotel ***Book a Room!

"Orbita" Hotel is a modern 14-store building with comfortable rooms and a wide range of facilities. The hotel is situated in the western part of Minsk near the underground station "Pushkinskaya", close to National exhibition center "BelExpo".

Adress: 39, Pushkin ave., Minsk

Starting at EUR: 78/night

0% booking fee, best rate!



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