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"Slavyanskaya" hotel ***Book a Room!

Hotel "Slavyanskaya" is a modern and comfortable hotel that was opened in spring 2014 right before the World Hockey Championship. Contemporary design and advantageous location as well as proximity to major business-centres, massive park zone and sport complex "Minsk-Arena" makes the hotel a very popular place.

Adress: 6, Narochanskaya Str., 220020 Minsk, Belarus

Starting at EUR: 75/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Belarus" hotel ***Book a Room!

"Belarus" hotel is situated in the historical center of Minsk. It is overlooking beautiful Svisloch river, The Cathedral, The Island of Tears, Trinity suburb, the obelisk “Hero city”.There  are the Palace of sports, entertainment complex "Millennium", "Moscow" cinema not far from the hotel.

Adress: 15, Storozhevskaya str., Minsk, 220366

Starting at EUR: 56/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Robinson Club" hotel ***Book a Room!

«Robinson Club» is a new luxury complex, which is located on the coast of the Minsk Sea. It is a good option for leisure with your family or for business meetings, negotiations and briefings. The complex provides a wide range of different ways to  relax actively.

Adress: Road Minsk-Molodechno 7 km from MKAD

Starting at EUR: 66/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Victoria Olimp Hotel" ****Book a Room!

"Victoria Olimp Hotel" is another ideal variant for guests coming to Minsk. This hotel combines modern luxury accommodation in a quiet area of the Belarusian capital at reasonable prices! There is free Wi-Fi , a fitness center, beauty center, a lobby bar, a café-restaurant and pizzeria "Olympia", which serves natio

Adress: 103, Pobediteley ave., Minsk

Starting at EUR: 92/night

0% booking fee, best rate!

"Manastyrski" hotel ***Book a Room!

"Manastyrski" hotel is a quiet and homely place readjusted from the former monastery of the bernardines. The hotel is located  in the center of old town which means you can visit unique craft galleries and museums or try belarusian food in traditional restaurants nearby.

Adress: 6, Kirill and Mefodiy st., Minsk

Starting at EUR: 74/night

0% booking fee, best rate!



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